Monday, 9 March 2015

Helen Holt is Managing Director at Coastal Business Services and has for over 25 years assisted SME's with their small-medium business accounting needs & financial models.
" I have seen the Y2k (2000) bug, the implementation of GST into Australia, the introduction of Gaming Machines into Victoria & the era of the Family Friendly Hotel chains"
"What we are seeing now is the introduction of new cloud computing technology & mobile data. Its exciting and it is the future for small business."
Prior to running her own business(es), Helen specialised in implementing new technology systems -Front & Back of House solutions for many years for many hotel chains around Australia incl Carlton & Untied Breweries, Billabong Group, Zagames, Taverners, Fosters & ALH to name a few.
As a small business specialist Helen says:
" Right now all our new clients are being introduced and transferred to the cloud. How is your business doing ? Do you have all the technology needed to keep your business in the ' grow ' ? " Asks Helen
Helen is a registered #BAS Agent and a MYOB & Quickbooks Certified Consultant. Loves technology and Small Business. She holds a teaching degree; a few business certs & majored in Computer Education. Also a qualified and highly experienced bookkeeper Twitters (Tweets) a fair bit, & Chats with 94.7Pulse on MitchellsFrontPage.
Amongst other things in her spare time Helen enjoys taking photos of the beach & in general just enjoys showing off the Bellarine, "Family time is special and mostly involves all sorts of sports"
" The Bellarine is the most wonderful place to live and a very enjoyable place to run a business from. We are very spoilt with our beautiful surrounds and a real sense of community spirit "

Monday, 1 December 2014

6 reasons why you should outsource your accounts

Bookkeeping chores can take too much time out of your business and can work out quite costly. Outsourcing your accounts and payroll may be the answer you are looking for.

1. Save time: 
You didn't go into business to spend a lot of time on bookkeeping. Through outsourcing, you will no longer need to waste valuable time and you will be able to focus on the reasons you went into business in the first place. We focus on your books and your compliance then you can focus on doing what you do best; your business. 

2. Reduced overhead costs: 
Outsourcing your accounts can reduce or even eliminate the following business costs: -Staff expenses, holiday pay, sick pay, payroll tax and super - Consumable costs such as printers, ink and paper - Rent and utility costs - Computer and computer software costs -Communication costs such as Internet usage, telephone and fax.

3. Peace of mind: 
Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you the security of knowing your financial records are in order at all times, making them available for banking & tax purposes as required.

4. Improve cash flow:
We will optimise your cash flow and ensure outstanding debtor accounts are maintained. We can help you manage your bills and advise you on the best way to proceed at your terms of trade

5. Improve budgeting practices: 
Outsourcing your accounts can help you plan for the future, manage your money more effectively and identify problems before they occur in your business.

6. Cloud accounting:
New cloud solutions allow the business owner, the bookkeeper and the accountant access to business data. Real-time business data at any time.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Cloud Accounting simplifies your Business

Cloud Accounting (Real Time Accounting) can easily be compared with internet banking as it allows access to your business data from anywhere in the world at any time via any device. It is a tool to assist Small Business. 

Cloud Accounting saves time as there is no longer a need to transfer files via disks or USB’s, you can access the files anywhere there is an internet connection. Cloud Accounting will allow The Client, The Bookkeeper and The Accountant to all access the same Up to date, reliable and secure data.  

Data entry processes become more automated, reducing workload & generally improving accuracy of data and Workplace efficiency 

Cloud Accounting also opens new doors for after sales service of Value Added Products via mobile tablet applications and mobile phones.

Collin Dunn from MYOB says that “Cloud Accounting is the way of the future. The technology will continue to evolve, with added features and even more reasons to embrace cloud.”

Benefits of MYOB’s cloud accounting solutions
·         Flexible - stay on top of your business when and where you want.
·         Access - anyone, anywhere - if you have teams in multiple locations or a remote bookkeeper or accountant they can (with your permission) work on your accounting data, saving time and increasing efficiency.
·         Bank feeds save time – MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight both link to over 100 banks and building societies in Australia and New Zealand. They will automatically bring your bank transactions in and allocate them to the right account, reducing data entry and saving you time.
·         Easier and safer - you can use MYOB’s cloud solutions with the confidence that your vital business information is automatically backed up in a secure offsite location.

Cloud Accounting allows Coastal Business Services to regulate workflow more efficiently within the office and allows us to now offer new value added services and products to our Clients. 

Coastal Business Services intends to spend more quality time with their clients offering them new value added services & products whilst at the same time increasing our Client relationships. 

For more info see Why you need cloud accounting.